Q: When are services?

A: We have services once a week on Sunday at 10:45 AM. Special services are posted on our website.

Q: When do you have Communion?

A: We have communion the first Sunday of every month.  We also have communion on these Sunday’s: Epiphany, Baptism of the Lord, Transfiguration of our Lord, Ash Wednesday, Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Easter Sunday, Pentecost, Holy Trinity, St. James Sunday, Reformation Sunday, Christ the King Sunday, and Christmas Eve.

Q: Do you have a choir?

A: Yes we do.  They practice once a week at 7 PM.  Either Thursday or Wednesday.  We post the schedule on our website calendar.

Q: What are your wedding guidelines?


Effective April 2019

I.              Scheduling

  1. Permission to use St. James must be requested at least eight (8) weeks in advance. This request MUST be approved by Council, no exceptions! At the time of request, the following information must be provided:
    • Current membership information. Fees will be based upon membership at the date of the request, not the date of the event.
    • Officiating clergy. See below for details.
    • Dates and times for a rehearsal and the ceremony as well as any other activities that are desired to be held at St. James.

II.            Officiating

  1. The pastor of St. James will be the presiding minister at all weddings.
  2. If it is the desire of the couple to have other clergy participate, it is the pastor’s prerogative to extend the invitation.
  3. Any participating clergy must be ordained by the Lutheran Church.

III.           Music

  1. The organist at St. James will play for weddings as they have time. Arrangements should be made directly with the organist.
  2. Outside organists are welcome to play for weddings. However, they must contact the church secretary to make rehearsal arrangements.

Only trained organists are permitted to play.  An outside organist must be approved by the church council.

  1. Sacred music is preferred. All music will need the pastor’s approval before included in the service.

IV.          Flowers

  1. Couples are responsible for arrangements.
  2. No nails or thumb tacks are to be used on the church woodwork.

V.           Photographs

  1. Flash pictures are permitted prior to and following the service.
  2. NO FLASH PICTURES ARE TO BE TAKEN DURING THE SERVICE.  This is a service, not a spectacle.
  3. Photographers are not permitted to be distracting by constantly moving around the church.  No pictures may be taken in the chancel once the service has begun.

VI.         Candles

  1. James requires that only drip less candles be used. All candles must be ordered through the church office.


VII.        Fees                                                  Active Member           Non-Member

  1. Pastor                                                            Honorarium                $110.00*
  2. Church Organist                                          $50.00**                      $110.00*   (Includes 1 soloist rehearsal)
  3. Bulletins                                                        $55 Design, $12 per 50 Printed*
  4. Use of Sanctuary                                         None                             $85.00
  5. Social Hall Event                                         $35.00                          $85.00
  6. Custodian –   Sanctuary/Wedding            $55.00*                       $55.00*
  7. Custodian Social Hall/Reception              $75.00*                        $75.00*

*An additional $30 non-refundable deposit is required.  Custodial fees are refundable if areas have been satisfactorily cleaned up as determined by the custodian.  Clean up consists of everything being returned to its original place, all garbage cans emptied, and bathrooms neat.  If members or non-members would prefer to have the custodian clean up, the charge is $75.

H. Candles                                                         (Alter) $35.00                   $35.00

(Pew)                                                                            $50.00                       $50.00

(Pew Pillars)                                                               $100.00                     $100.00


I.  ALL FEES for the Pastor, Organist, Soloist, Bulletins, use of the Sanctuary/Social hall and Custodian are to be           paid in advance. They must be paid no later than four (4) weeks prior to the event/ rehearsal. NO EXCEPTIONS!

VIII.    General

  1. No rice or confetti is permitted in the church. Bird seed may be thrown outside the church.  No bubbles are permitted inside the church due to hazardous floor conditions!
  2. Weddings will not be scheduled for Lent, Easter, Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.
  3. If the church secretary is printing the bulletin, no changes will be made within the week prior to the wedding.  The cost of printing bulletins is based upon the number and style of bulletins desired.  The fee must be paid in advance!
  4. It is suggested that only the wedding party attend the rehearsal in order to avoid unnecessary confusion.
  5. The wedding license must be brought to the rehearsal.
  6. No one who has been drinking or has alcohol on his or her breath on the day of the wedding, will be permitted to participate as a member of the wedding party.
  7. Non-alcoholic receptions/events only.


IX.  You agree to hold harmless St. James Lutheran Church and/or any St. James Lutheran Church representatives in case of accident or injury. This rental agreement is “at your own risk.” Likewise, you accept responsibility for the property and any damages that may occur during the rental time period.

X.   This contract must be submitted to request permission for any wedding/event. This contract shall not be considered executed until signed by two (2) members of St. James Lutheran Church Executive Committee.

Q: Do you rent out your building?




This is to confirm your request regarding the use of our facilities at: St. James Lutheran Evangelical Church, 1407 8th Avenue, Altoona, PA 16602 814-944-6835 stjamesaltoona@gmail.com

Prior to your arrival, our Church Staff will open the necessary doors and turn on the air conditioners or heat for your activity.

We are willing to allow the use of our ____________________________ for your activity, subject to the following guidelines.

  • All attendees are to be in the designated area only.
  • All trash must be cleaned up and placed in the waste receptacles.
  • If kitchen area is used; everything must be cleaned and returned to cabinets or drawers.
  • No food, snacks or drinks are to be left behind.
  • Any spills or mishaps must be cleaned up to the best of your ability.
  • Please check that all areas, including the Restroom Facilities are neat when you leave
  • Return all chairs and tables to their original places.
  • Vacuum if necessary (any areas used by your group).  Vacuums are located in the room behind the elevator.
  • Before leaving all lights and air conditioning units are turned off.
  • No alcohol is allowed on the premises.
  • No smoking is permitted on the premises.
  • Cancellations must also be provided to the Church Secretary.
  • Any damages or any disregard for these guidelines will result in the termination of the usage of the church.

Once your group has left the premises, our Custodian will:

  • Double check that all Chairs and Tables have been returned to their original places.
  • Clean Bathrooms.
  • Clean all Surfaces.
  • Run the vacuum cleaner.
  • Check the premises for any damages.
  • Double check that the Air Conditioning has been turned off.
  • Double check that the Lights have been turned off.
  • Lock all doors.

Fees                                                                Member          Non-Member

A:    Use of Sanctuary                                   None                $75.00

Use of Social Hall                                         None                 $75.00

B:   Custodian Fee – Sanctuary                  None *               None *

Custodian Fee – Social Hall                       None *               $50.00 Deposit Required –refundable if area has been cleaned up (to be determined by the custodian)

C:   Requested Fees – Alter Candles         $30.00              $30.00

Requested Fees – Pew Candles                 $50.00               $50.00

*If members or non-members would prefer to have custodian clean up, the charge is $50.  This does not include the kitchen.  The kitchen must be cleaned and any dishes used, must be washed and put away.


All fees are to be paid in advance. Make checks payable to St James Lutheran Church.