WELCA’s trip to Camp Sequanota
Friday September 8, 2017

All are welcome to attend and it is FREE!!!!!!!!
Please sign up if you plan on attending this one day fun trip!
Departing—10:30 AM from St. James.

Lots of fun and much to see as we tour Camp Sequanota. It will take approximately one hour and a half to travel. Lunch will be provided at the camp including some vegetables from the camp’s garden. On the way back home, we will stop at Flight 93 Memorial. Transportation will be provided. Please again, sign up so we can plan on how many will be attending. Remember: it is FREE!!!! Come and enjoy the ride, the lunch and the tours. Sign up today and put in the offering plate or call the church office at 944-6835. For more information or to download the sign up sheet Click the text below

Sign up Sheet


*The trip is being provided by a financial grant from Thrivent Financial.